Why soil investigations are important?

Soil investigations should be one of the first tasks undertaken on your civil project. Whether you’re having something designed, built or repaired, a thorough geotechnical investigation can be the difference between a successful project and a failure.

What are soil investigations investigating?

The reason a geotechnical engineer tests your site is to understand how ‘reactive’ your soil is and to determine how any external factors such as trees are affecting your soils reactivity. The reactivity of your soil refers to how much your soil is going to move, expand and compact – usually due to moisture changes that occur through the changing seasons. The Australian Standards classify soils based on their reactivity. Basically, the less reactive your soil is the better it is for your foundations. Moisture changes can be a real issue in reactive soils. When your house is sitting on the wrong type of foundations, reactive soils can easily cause a lot of damage. Soil investigations not only ensure that your project is designed to work on your ground conditions, they also save you significant costs.

How do they save you costs?

From a structural engineer’s perspective, there is significant liability involved when designing and certifying a residential building project. An engineer will not be confident enough to design your foundations with the assumption that the soil may only be a slightly reactive site. Without geotechnical data, the engineer will need to design conservatively, resulting in significantly higher construction costs.

When comparing the cost of a geotechnical investigation to the costs associated with major repair works, it makes financial sense to carry out the investigations beforehand. Geotechnical investigations need be considered a wise investment as opposed to another cost we can try and save money on.

So what should you do?

Never underestimate the importance of geotechnical investigations. If you have a project that you think would benefit from a soil test, give Rapid Consulting Engineers a call and find out what we can do for you. We have done many site classifications and have all the equipment to get it done right. By having Rapid carry out geotechnical investigations, you can rest assured that the effects of any future foundation movement has been accounted for and the risk of any unnecessary costs arising down the track have been mitigated. For more information contact us today.


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