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Forensic Inspections

Rapid offer a range of reporting services for the insurance sector. With experience providing reports to major insurance groups such as IAG. We know we can provide a report your insurance company can understand.

Insurance reports:

  • Provide alternative independent assessment
  • May uncover other issues caused by an event
  • Provide a scope of works if required

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Many structures have the ability to hide internal problems until it is too late. Check out the entire page dedicated to advance non-destructive testing

Considering buying a property? Have Rapids experienced inspectors give the property a thorough inspection so you can make an informed decision. With the DIY revolution it is hard to tell what may have been covered up by the previous owner. Rapid have an array of tests that can even see through walls.

Pre-purchase reports:

  • Detail the condition of the structure
  • Uncover the possibility hidden issues
  • Estimate the life cycle of the structure
  • Give the buyer confidence
  • Ensure that the dwelling is structurally safe for its occupants
  • Allow conditional contractual agreements to be formed
  • Estimate the cost of repairs

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Want to know what caused a structural failure?  These reports detail the mostly likely cause of apparent failure. This can help you solve underlying issues, make an informed decision who is at fault or possibly show your insurance company and alternative cause.

Causation reports:

  • Detail the failure of a structure
  • Uncover the issues that have caused failure
  • Highlight the correct tradesmen to appoint further testing or repairs
  • Provide Scopes of works for rectification procedures

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