Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical investigations and soil reports

Are you building? A soil test is going to be required.

Would you like to start a construction project? A site classification and comprehensive soil tests are one of your starting points. As one of the critical aspects of any construction project, a soil report provides reliable information about the condition of the site and soil profile. Geotechnical investigations provide data from borehole logs and soil tests on the site conditions and site geology. These are incorporated to create a useful geotechnical report. The structural designer will make use of this report to design footings or retaining structures in accordance with Australian Standards.

The importance of geotechnical investigations include:

  • Providing detailed information about site and soil profile
  • Facilitating the process of designing any structure
  • Required to obtain building permits

Laboratory testing

Do you need more information? Laboratory testing is what you need!

Soil tests and site classifications may not provide all the information you need for your project. Laboratory tests provide invaluable data that can ensure the success of our client’s projects. From shrink-swell to Atterberg limits, sieve analysis, direct shear and many more, RCE can undertake several tests to ensure accurate design information.

Laboratory testing:

  • Provides more accurate information than a visual classification
  • Determine soil characteristics utilised in advanced designs
  • Reduces foundation costs over conservative designs

Advanced non-destructive testing