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Geotechnical Investigations

Soil Testing is required for most structural works, at Rapid we offer a wide range of soil testing techniques to help you understand exactly what is underneath the surface. A site classification is a must for all new construction and Rapid Engineers have the right engineers and equipment to accurately investigate your soil conditions. All our investigations are conducted in accordance with relevant Australian Standards. Whether you need a site classified for new construction or underpinning, we can help.

Tests include an extension soil classification report that can be conducted for the following services:

  • Foundation Design
  • Underpinning Design
  • Contamination Testing
  • Fill Testing
  • Pool Installations

For more helpful information and discover how Rapid Consulting Engineers can assist with your soil investigation requirements, contact our office where our experienced staff will be happy to assist and get your building project started.

Geotechnical investigation give a variety of information about the site conditions as well as the soils profile determined from a soil test. Geotechnical investigations incorporated information taken from the soil test, borehole logs, site geology and site conditions to produce a report that can be used by the structural designer to produce an effective foundation system.

Geotechnical investigations:

  • More information than a simple soil test
  • Aids in the designing process
  • Required for council building permits

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Site classifications and soil tests are only a small part of structural designs. In most instances, information that from laboratory tests are priceless to our clients. Tests such as shrink-swell, sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, direst shear and others, help our clients produce cost effective and stable designs in any soil situation.

Laboratory testing:

  • More accurate than visual classification
  • Saves on foundation costs over conservative designs
  • Determines values used in more advanced designs

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