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Non-Destructive Testing

Rapid Engineers offer a wide range of Non-Destructive Testing, Concrete Testing, Ultrasonics, GPR and other NDT services. Below you’ll find a more in depth comparison of all the technology that Rapid utilise on a regular basis to cater for all your NDT requirements.

To maintain the forefront of non-destructive testing, Rapid Engineers keep up to date with the most advanced systems on the market today. Coupled with our experienced engineers this ensures that our clients get the best service and highest quality data available.

Our Concrete Testing NDT technologies include:

  • Eddy current – Cover Meter
  • Sonic echo impulse response (SE/IR)
  • Impact rebound compressive tests
  • Magnetic induction service location
  • Spectral analysis of surface waves (SASW)

Our Ultrasonics NDT technologies include:

  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV)
  • Impact echo (IE)
  • Ultrasonic pulse echo (UPE)
  • 3D Ultrasonic tomograms

Our GPR NDT technologies include:

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Concrete penetrating radar (Concrete GPR)

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Rapid has a full array of concrete scanning services, for more advanced situations Rapid can tailor a testing program that will ensure the information required can be obtained efficiently and effectively. Working closely with Melbourne based Universities on cutting edge technologies and theories, allows our engineers to gather information in many ways. Rapid can boast the development and commercialising of carbon fibre delamination testing and single sided epoxy injected crack testing arising from such relationships.

Programs can include:

  • Single sided crack injection testing
  • Delamination testing on thin carbon fibre elements
  • Computer numeric control (CNC) grid scanning
  • Depth of foundations below steel structures
  • Various Concrete Testing programs
  • Ultrasonics inspections
  • Testing solutions on a case by case basis

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Rapid Engineers are highly experience in testing concrete, steel and timber for the residential, commercial and government sectors.

Rapid has developed standardised testing procedures, these include:

  • Pavement and footpath inspections
  • Kerb and channel testing
  • Compressive strength testing
  • Thickness measurements of unknown concrete elements
  • As-built inspections
  • Pool shell audits
  • Depths of existing foundations
  • Crack analysis including depth, activity and severity
  • Relative moisture content of concrete and soil
  • General concrete scanning
  • Underwater ultrasonic pulse velocity testing
  • Corrosion likelihood and rate
  • Visual inspections
  • Unground pipe and service locating (utility scanning)
  • Bridge and tunnel lining inspections
  • Various Concrete Testing inspections
  • Various Ultrasonics inspections

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