When a structure has lost significant strength and its original elements can no longer be relied upon, carbon fibre rehabilitation may be your answer. Due to its unparalleled tensile strength carbon fibre laminates, wraps and rods allow significant gains to be made over existing or damaged conditions

Carbon fibre can:

  • Regain lost strength
  • Increase the capacity of existing structures
  • Combat damaged caused by concrete cancer
  • Allow smaller elements in new constructions

Epoxy crack injection is becoming an increasingly popular way to regain lost strength in existing structures. It is important to determine and note if a crack is live before and injection process. In most cased live cracks must be accompanied with additional strengthen.

Epoxy crack injection can

  • Regain lost strength
  • Stop ingress of water and other contaminants

Quoting for an epoxy injection job? Rapid can now determine the approximate amount of epoxy required to effectively fill single sided cracks. Need to know if your epoxy injection has worked. Rapid can now determine effectiveness of your repair. Check out our non-destructive testing services or give us a call

Over the life cycle of your building certain parts of the structure can deteriorate. Long term deflection, yielding of materials, general deterioration, stresses and cracking all lower a buildings ability to remain in service.

Capacity checks:

  • Confidence in your structures health
  • Design of alterations and additions
  • Ensuring occupants are safe
  • Predict the right time to implement rehabilitation

Are you considering changing the purpose of your building or want to know if a property is fit for your use. Repurposing check can be conducted from original design documentation to determine a structures ability to be used for another purpose.

These could include the addition of:

  • Screeds and falls
  • Additional loading for storage
  • Increased vehicle traffic
  • Temporary or permanent pools or water storage
  • Other increased loading situation

Don’t worry if you can’t find the original documentation, Rapid also offer non-destructive testing to determine the as-built conditions of your structure. Check it out Services NDT or give us a call