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RCE is a technologically advanced company offering a wide range of concrete scanning services. We understand that there are differences in the requirements of each project; therefore, we design a testing program tailored to suit the needs of each specific client. With our testing program, you can rest assured we will accurately obtain the information you require using best-in-class equipment and expertise.

Rapid Consulting Engineers is an industry-leading company that provides exceptional advanced non-destructive testing, forensic inspections, engineering design services, and geotechnical investigations. We have built a team of seasoned and committed specialist engineers who are ready to go extra miles to offer high-quality services to our highly distinguished clients.

Although we kicked off our services by delivering excellent engineering designs for low-to-midrise housing and commercial projects, we have undergone several inevitable changes over the years to increase the quality and types of services we offer. Today, we are one of the most reliable, efficient and topmost companies delivering advanced, concrete non-destructive testing service in the whole of Australia.

With the aid of the experiences of our dedicated engineers, state-of-the-art technologies and advanced testing techniques, we provide unrivalled services. Without a doubt, we are the trailblazer that other companies in the non-destructive testing industry in Australia are following.

At Rapid Consulting Engineers, our services include:

Non-destructive testing
Structural design.
Forensic inspections
Geotechnical investigations

Just like at the inception of Rapid Consulting Engineers, we are still committed to evolving, to bring improvements to the quality of the services that we deliver.

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