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Are you looking for efficient and affordable building inspection services in Melbourne?

We at Rapid Consulting Engineers are a trailblazer property investigation company with a team of seasoned civil engineers providing precise building inspections in Melbourne.

Our techniques are highly-advanced and we ensure all our inspections are non-destructive and are carried out with hi-tech equipment.

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How Can a Building Inspection Help You?

A building inspection is a smart investment whether you are planning to buy a new house, selling your old house, or preparing your new house for onboarding. Any issues in the property like physical damages or pest infestations can cost you huge amounts of money if the problem is not solved on time.

A building inspection will help you identify the following:

  • Major structural defects or damages.
  • Non-compliant constructions.
  • Cover-ups of any major defects.
  • Plumbing or waterproofing issues.
  • Existing moulds or pest nests.
  • Hidden maintenance costs for minor issues.
  • Final cost to rectify all the identified issues.

What are the problems that we can identify?

Our building inspectors ensure to thoroughly check both exterior and interior of the property, and identify the following common issues during all building inspections in Melbourne:

  • Unstable foundation
  • Potential safety hazards like weak structures or broken fire escape.
  • Faulty craftsmanship and finishes
  • Leaks in kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets.
  • Inefficient drainage and sewer systems
  • Timber framing issues
  • Damaged roofs
  • Damp areas with moulds and pests
  • Redundant water heating systems

Our promise

After a thorough building inspection, we provide you a comprehensive report stating all the existing and potential future issues in your building. We promise to provide you with honest repair solutions and correct details about incurring costs. Our pricings are reasonable so that you can get customized services without any stress.

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We can design your:

  • New construction project
  • Renovations and extensions
  • Basements and retaining walls
  • Warehouses, platforms and mezzanines.

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