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Concrete Scanning Melbourne

Before you cut, bore or drill into a concrete slab, you must ensure that there is nothing within or underneath it like a power cable or pipeline that may get damaged or cause harm to the machinery, structure or the machine operator and other people in the vicinity.

Rapid Consulting Engineers offers concrete scanning Melbourne as the most secure and most dependable technique for looking at and analysing concrete structures to identify and pinpoint hidden anomalies without disturbing the structure itself.

Concrete scanning Melbourne is a non-destructive method of scanning that is quick and productive and does not cause any hindrances in construction or in the work of other individuals working nearby. Saving money by reducing time and effort, concrete scanning Melbourne is also the most financially viable assessment method available.

Concrete scanning Melbourne is the latest in NDT methodology as it offers quicker outcomes, can be done in open spaces and gives a visual reading which is very precise. While previous scanners used x- ray where a film had to be created, concrete scanning Melbourne produces pictures as you go enabling the hardware handler to analyse instantly and make informed decisions on the spot. Another advantage that concrete scanning Melbourne has over x-ray is that it is portable and can scan larger areas.

At Rapid Consulting Engineers, we utilize latest gear and cutting edge concrete scanning Melbourne techniques to precisely and efficiently perform concrete examinations and assessments. We are focused on helping our customers save time and money by offering reliable concrete scanning Melbourne service. We have extensive experience in dealing with all kind of basic and complex concrete scanning Melbourne activities and are your one stop shop for all your concrete scanning Melbourne needs.

Concrete Scanning Melbourne

Rapid Consulting Engineers


Rapid Consulting Engineers is an industry-leading company that provides advanced non-destructive testing, forensic inspections, engineering design services and geotechnical investigations. We have built a team of experienced and committed specialist engineers who will all go the extra mile to offer high-quality services to all our clients.

leading engineering consultancy


Rapid Consulting Engineers is a leading engineering consultancy specialising in non-destructive testing and inspections, structural, and rehabilitation design and geotechnical investigations.

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Structural design.
  • Forensic inspections
Concrete Scanning Melbourne

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With the experience of our dedicated engineers, state-of-the-art technologies and advanced testing techniques, our services are unrivalled in the construction industry.
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Need a reliable testing program that will provide information on your structures

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From cracks occurring in your home to fire events and vehicle impacts.


Need a reliable testing program that will provide information on your structures.

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RCE is a technologically advanced company offering a wide range of concrete scanning services. We understand that there are differences in the requirements of each project; therefore, we design a testing program tailored to suit the needs of each specific client. With our testing program, you can rest assured we will accurately obtain the information you require using best-in-class equipment and expertise.



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