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Geotechnical Investigations Melbourne

When you are thinking of buying or developing a property, it is a good idea to have geotechnical investigations Melbourne done before purchasing the property. Geotechnical investigations Melbourne is the process of analysing and studying the physical properties of soil and rocks to identify potential construction issues and anticipate problems to construction equipment and structure caused by weakness or failure of soil materials. Geotechnical investigations Melbourne data is good to have before designing and creating foundation plans so that there are no hidden surprises later.

Geotechnical investigations Melbourne can also be conducted after a property faces catastrophic failures such as sinkholes and sometimes banks or other financial institutions require them before loan disbursement.

A geotechnical investigation Melbourne is an extensive process where a technician first performs a dry evaluation by inspecting the site, going through the maps and topographical charts available and conducting surveys. Then soil sampling is done by drilling a bore and extracting a sample that provides valuable data about the soil properties and defects. The sample collected during soil sampling is then taken to the laboratory for further testing. The geotechnical investigation Melbourne engineer then makes use of the lab results along with their own findings to assess site suitability and final design recommendations.

You do not want to be surprised mid-way through the project; hence it is better to invest in geotechnical investigation Melbourne before beginning a project as the costs of not performing an inspection can be huge. Rapid Consulting Engineers provide a range of geotechnical investigation Melbourne services for all phases of a project planning and execution like planning, design development, construction and post-construction.

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