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Before cutting, coring, chasing or drilling into any concrete structure, you need to make sure that there isn’t any risk involved like hitting a power or services cable or any sub-surface feature in the structure that can cause damage to machinery or the structure itself. Even more, these could pose a threat to the machinery operator’s safety as well.

Rapid Consulting Engineers offers GPR concrete scanning Melbourne as the safest and most reliable method of examining and analysing concrete areas to detect and pinpoint hidden features without disturbing the structure itself.

Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR concrete scanning Melbourne is a non-destructive technique of surveying that is fast and efficient and does not cause any delays in construction or intrudes on other people working onsite. Saving on time and resource, GPR concrete scanning Melbourne is also the most cost effective inspection technique available.

GPR concrete scanning Melbourne is the latest in NDT methodology replacing concrete x-ray technology, as it offers quicker results, safe for use in open spaces and provides a clear imagery that is far more accurate. Unlike x-ray where the film needs to be developed, GPR concrete scanning Melbourne produces images as you scan allowing the equipment handler to analyse them in real time and make informed decisions on the go. Another advantage that GPR concrete scanning Melbourne has over x-ray is that it is suitable for scanning larger areas.

At Rapid Consulting Engineers, we use latest equipment and cutting edge GPR concrete scanning Melbourne technique to accurately and effectively perform concrete investigations and evaluations. We are committed to helping our clients save time and money by providing safe, reliable and efficient GPR concrete scanning Melbourne services. We have extensive experience in handling all type of simple and complex projects and are your one stop destination for all your GPR concrete scanning Melbourne needs.

We do not base our GPR Concrete Melbourne advice on what you want to hear, but rather on what’s best for your property.

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