Post-Tension (PT) Scanning

Post-Tension (PT) Scanning in Melbourne

Are you planning to carry out chasing, drilling, coring, or cutting of concrete for your property renovation?

Then it is very essential to avoid damaging post-tensioned steel cables that carry huge amounts of concrete weight. When it comes to Post-Tension (PT) Scanning in Melbourne, we at Rapid Consulting Engineers are experts in using highly-sophisticated scanning equipment and techniques.

Our team of seasoned building consultants, geotechnical experts, and design engineers have years of experience in hi-tech concrete scanning for efficient cutting or coring. With a proven track of exemplary service, our goal is 100% positive results and customer satisfaction.

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Why Post-Tension (PT) Scanning is Necessary?

In post-tensioning, a large number of steel cables are bundled together tightly, providing a stable skeleton and strengthening the concrete slabs. During any cutting, drilling, or coring activity, if these cables are cut or damaged in any way, they can tear through the concrete rendering it useless. But the bigger hazard is serious physical injuries. Hence, to avoid damages, high cost of repair, and interruption of project work, we recommend an in-depth Post-Tension (PT) Scanning in Melbourne.

Our Post-Tension Scanning Services

With our highly-advanced GPR concrete scanning, we can effectively and safely locate post-tension cables in all our property inspection projects. We provide a completely non-destructive post-tension cables screening. Once these are located, our team will carefully assess the situation and provide the best solution to work around it without any kind of changes or damages to the post-tensioned cables.

All our services are priced reasonably, and we believe in providing customizations as per your requirements.

Let post-tension cables not stop you from achieving your property renovation goals. If you need to cut, drill, core, or demolish any part of your property, be sure to call us at <phone number> for the most reliable Post-Tension (PT) Scanning in Melbourne.

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